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Citizen Diplomacy

Track Two builds common ground amongst influencers across boundaries to nurture a more peaceful world.

Track Two and Esalen CTR convene influencers from countries in conflict in immersive workshops and conferences to stimulate discussions, forge relationships and activate networks. Our networks have supported lasting partnerships in healthcare, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, literature, journalism and the arts, and space exploration. Track Two builds collaborations that shift perceptions and relationships that offer hope for a promising future. The cultural, social, and intellectual exchanges we support contribute to the greater mutual understanding amongst the citizens of regions in conflict as a means of advancing the spirit of collaboration needed for social change.

Russian-American Project (RAP)

39 years after its establishment as the Esalen Soviet-American Exchange Program, the joint program with Track Two now called the Russian-American Project (RAP) continues to produce meaningful partnerships among leaders in Russia and the United States. In recent years, RAP has worked to understand and contextualize the worsening relations between Russia and the West through conferences held in New York, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. At these summits, RAP seeks pathways to saner and more amicable relations, and the potential for collaboration on issues of shared concern.

North Pacific Rim Project (NPRP)

In 2011 Track Two and Esalen CTR began a foray into Chinese-American relations that has blossomed into a network based in the countries of the North Pacific. Establishing relationships with University Professors, with the Northern California Asia Society, and with several individuals who influence activities across the region, this project is taking shape as US government relations in the region become increasingly complex and strained.

International Abrahamic Network (IAN)

The International Abrahamic Network (IAN), a project co-sponsored by Track Two and Esalen CTR, was founded on the notion that all peoples seek and deserve dignity and with the goal of helping to build reconciliation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. IAN focuses on the historical roots of Jewish-Christian-Muslim animosities from psychological and spiritual perspectives. It explores which historical clashes from the very beginnings of the Abrahamic relationships set the stage for the resentments, fears, and hatreds that have endured across centuries. 

Participants of IAN from the Middle East and the United States work and collaborate on projects centered on peacebuilding. 

Culture & Arts

Track Two and Esalen CTR collaborate with artists and performers of diverse cultural backgrounds from our program regions to produce rich visual, dance, performance, and multimedia projects. These bodies of work are presented to Track Two participants, guests, and the public at conferences where they provide a different lens through which to participate and engage with our conference themes and dialog.

Cultural exchanges transcend language barriers and cultural divisions in a profound way, providing audiences with a glimpse of life across oceans and borders. These mediums speak to a different part of the human existence, a part that may be more open to understanding the ‘other’.

The One Network

In 2018 Track Two and Esalen CTR elected to bring together representatives from each of their projects in a conference designed to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas amongst the groups. This project, now titled The One Network, will continue to bring members of our different networks together to explore deeper issues that are impacting our participants’ work in their respective fields. An exploration of the dissemination of consciousness across the globe and the application of technologies to do so was the theme of a recent conference and sheds light on the nature of this work going forward.


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