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Citizen Diplomacy



UC Berkeley Professor and MacArthur Fellow, Xiao Qiang, along with Chungliang Al Huang, Sam Yau, Jay Ogilvy, and TRACK TWO, headed by Dulce Murphy, have organized a cultural exchange with China. In July 2012, the Esalen-Shan Shui Leadership Legacy (ESS), a partnership between CTR and the Shan Shui Conservation Center at Peking University, provided a month of cross-cultural, intensive, experiential leadership training (via Esalen’s work-scholar program) for 12 young Chinese and American environmentalists (6 each) who have demonstrated leadership potential.


Led by Michael Murphy and Dulce Murphy, and in conjunction with TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy and colleagues in Moscow, Esalen’s CTR is promoting Russian-American partnerships designed to improve the relationship between our two nations.

International Abrahamic Network (IAN)

In response to the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism around the world, in 2004 Esalen began work to foster healing among prominent faith leaders in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian communities through multiple partnerships and projects. Dulce Murphy and Joseph Montville are now leading this work under the banner of IAN (formerly called the Abrahamic Family Reunion) with activities linked with Abrahamic faith leaders in the Middle East.

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