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Esalen eZine Volume V

Corps of Discovery

September 2015

This issue of the eZine is devoted to one of the longest running series of meetings ever sponsored by Esalen’s Center for Theory & Research. Originally known by the acronym, Sursem, standing for Seminars on the Survival of Bodily Death, and later re-envisioned as the Corps of Discovery, these meetings extended over 15 years, brought together over 50 researchers, and resulted in two popular volumes written and edited by Ed Kelly (and others) who is the author of most of this eZine. Esalen cofounder, Michael Murphy, and Vice Chairman of Esalen’s board of trustees, Jeff Kripal, provide two short introductions. Our readers can receive a special 40% discount on both Irreducible Mind and Beyond Physicalism with the code 4F1BEYOND on the publisher's website or by by calling toll-free 800-462-6420. This offer expires 11/10/15..

Jay Ogilvy

An Introduction by Michael Murphy

Since its inception, Esalen has sponsored research in fields that mainstream scientific and religious institutions typically neglect (or avoid entirely). This eZine describes one such inquiry, into the ever-increasing evidence for life after death. I am hugely proud of this work, both for the light it brings to the subject and for the way it does this. Read More.


An Introduction by Jeffrey Kripal

Materialism is killing us. And I do not mean shopping. I mean the largely unquestioned, largely unconscious, but all influencing worldview of western civilization that fetishizes measurement at the expense of meaning, objects at the expense of subjects, and more and more data at the expense of wisdom and soul. Read More.


Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality:
A Brief History of the “Survival Seminar”

by Ed Kelly

The rise of modern science, accompanied by its many technological triumphs, has led to widespread acceptance among intellectual elites of a worldview that conflicts sharply both with everyday human experience and with beliefs widely shared among the world’s institutional religions. Read More.

Inside Irreducible Mind

Review the Table of Contents for Irreducible Mind. All eZine readers are eligible for a special 40% discount with the code 4F1BEYOND online.

Inside Beyond Physicalism

Review the Table of Contents for Beyond Physicalism. All eZine readers are eligible for a special 40% discount with the code 4F1BEYOND online.

Author Biographies for Beyond Physicalism


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