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Community is a Place Where Your Gifts are Received

Welcome to the Esalen community of seekers and change agents – here in residence and around the world and back again.   Welcome to Esalen – and then welcome back, again and again, at all stages of your life’s journey.

We call our community and staffing model  "seekers serving seekers," and each member of the Community/Staff at Esalen is somewhere along his/her own path of personal transformation and service. 

For those of us who spend an extended time here, our work at Esalen is both a chance to “give back” through service, and deepen our own personal development, moving through the arc from healing change to change agent in our shared world. The intern you meet over dinner or in a class one year, you may encounter again later as a staff member, an open class teacher, perhaps a workshop assistant or leader – and then again side by side in another workshop at a later date.

The Common Thread

The first sensation you have after arriving for the first time, the first reality to hit (after the sheer impact of the place itself) is that you’ve passed through some kind of veil into a parallel universe of human belonging and extraordinarily intertwined solitude. You’ve joined a long and illustrious band of pilgrims and refugees, pioneers and roustabouts that feels oddly like family.

The atmosphere of your first night's dinner crackles with excitement and anticipation—even though you're a "stranger", it feels oddly familiar, with a shoulder-to-shoulder conviviality—you watch people embrace, weave and glide through the open spaces with grace, speak to the server by name, and scan the message board with a well-practiced over the shoulder glance, gliding pass through the screen door without breaking stride.

They've been here a while. Or before. Or both. 

You find yourself thinking..I could do that, be that, live that kind of life.

Welcome to Esalen. Welcome home.


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