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Rituals of Esalen: FAQ

Can I experience this offering on my own? Do I have to come with another person?

The offering is ideal for two people who can explore the rituals of Esalen together and have a sense of partnership along their journey as they reflect upon the unique insights 2020 has been offering. However you can attend on your own.

Will this be a luxury stay?

That answer depends on your definition of luxury. Will there be valet service, white tablecloth dining, and falconry classes? Probably not. Will there be gorgeous natural hot springs perched over the crashing ocean? Yes! Will there be delicious, rustic, healthy and tasty food provided three times per day? Yes! Will there be opportunities to unplug from the outside world, do something completely different from your day-to-day and explore your potential as a human being? Yes. We call that luxury.

Is scholarship available?

Yes, we want to ensure that Esalen is available to a wide variety of people regardless of circumstances. If you’re interested in our scholarship program please visit our scholarship page.

I love what Esalen is now and have ideas for how it could be in the future.

We are thrilled to hear this. Please join us as a Friend of Esalen to join others who want to stay engaged with us and have a more active role in advancing our mission of personal and social transformation. Friends of Esalen members fund projects and initiatives that are most important and urgent to Esalen, including expanding access to workshops through vital student scholarships and funding infrastructure needs that result from our remote location in Big Sur. Our members help support what is truly unique about Esalen. Learn more about upcoming events in the Friends of Esalen portal.


We offer a rich and varied integral learning environment devoted to cultivating deep change in self and society.


Experience twenty-seven acres of Pacific coastline paradise.


Make a difference and leave a legacy by becoming a Friend of Esalen.


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